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Urbis Storage Indices

In March 2012, Blackwell Consulting merged with Urbis Pty Ltd.  Urbis has now committed to the continuation of the Storage Index which are now called the Urbis Storage Indices.

The Self Storage Industry has regularly promoted itself, both in Australia and the U.S., as being “recession proof” or, at least, “recession resistant”. The Industry has contended that cash flows associated with this specialist form of property investment are able to substantially resist the volatilities and violent aberrations associated with traditional forms of real estate.  Underlying cash flows for established self storage operations are underwritten by a diverse and extensive customer base, rather than being dependent on a small number of major tenancies. The Self Storage Industry also contends that demand for this product is generated from a variety of user groups and this diversity quarantines operations from substantial variations in demand levels.
To have financial credibility “recession resistant” claims made by the Self Storage Industry cannot be based on anecdotal or hearsay evidence, nor can the performance of a single facility, or even a selected number of facilities under one branding, provide a reliable indication of Industry performance.  Blackwell Consulting, and now Urbis, has set out to test this hypothesis and examine the performance of the Self Storage Industry through the most recent constrained economic environment. The study is the base for an initial analysis of Industry performance and establishes objective and quantitative performance measures for major components of the Self Storage Industry in Australia and New Zealand. The latter part of this study explores correlations between Self Storage Indices performance and other economic performance indicators over the study period.