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Special Interest Groups

The Self Storage Association runs a number of events targeted specifically at self storage operators and investors. These events are run at locations, both metropolitan and rural across Australia and New Zealand and also in Asia.


The SSAA provides a range of self storage legal resources to its members.  All are provided free of charge to members to assist them in complying with the relevant legislation and industry...


Get all the latest marketing tips from the Association, as well as current information on market trends, demand for the product and innovations in marketing.

Building / Developing a Site

If you are building or developing a site then this group is for you.  Receieve the latest industry data, information from suppliers, documents to help you with planning permits and much...


Get all the information you need to hire and manage your staff, from current wage rates and employment handbooks to Occupational Health and Safety information and disciplinary procedures....


Hear about all the SSAA events, including regional meetings, training sessions, conventions and summits.


Join this group to get the weekly STOReFLASH which is a brief summary of current events and news happening in the Association and the industry.


This group is for general Association communication such as outcomes of board meetings, Association documents, staff changes, office hours and so on.


This is the group that will be sent all accounts information from the Association.  This includes membership renewals, invoices to be paid and so on.