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Self Storage Demand Study 2013

SSAA Demand Study 2013 Highlights

  • 5.0% of respondents indicated that they are currently using self storage – down from 5.7% in 2010
  • 26.9% of respondents indicated that they have used self storage in the past – down marginally from 28.0% in 2010.
  • 68.0% of respondents indicated that they have never used a self storage facility – up marginally from 66.3% in 2010.
  • 21.8% of respondents indicated that they would be very likely, likely or somewhat likely to use self storage in the next twelve months.
  • The results show that most (67.1%) of potential self storage customers make enquiries a month or more prior to using self storage.
  • 33.5% of potential customers would use the internet as their primary information source to find a self storage facility.
  • 11.4% of respondents indicated that previous use was the basis of their selection of a facility.
  • 67.3% of existing customers only contacted their current facility or one other before making a decision about choosing a self storage facility.
  • 27.7% of current users have used the same self storage facility in the past.

More than 43% of potential customers indicated that they would use either one or more of the following online functions:

  • Pay my ongoing account online
  • Book and pay a deposit for my self storage unit online
  • Book my storage unit online
  • The population in the income bracket, $52,000 p.a. to $77,999 p.a. represent 23.6% of self storage users while representing only 13% of the general population.
  • 29.7% of respondents could not nominate one facility in their locality.
  • Relative to other features, rental cost, level of security and ease of access to a facility, were the three features considered most important by potential customers from within the general population.

The Demand Study is available for purchase from the SSAA for a member price of only $110 (non-members $410). To order a copy click here to download a form, please return completed forms to e-mail: admin@selfstorage.com.au or fax: 03 9466 8081.