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Principal Partners



Ezidebit have been members of the SSAA since 2009, and offer a simple, fast and PCI compliant system for managing payments in your business.

Rob Baird, had this to say about the Principal Partnership:

Ezidebit are proud to become a Principal Partner of the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA) in 2015. We know how important membership organisations are at upholding the values of an industry, and we are committed to achieving this goal with our partnership. As members dating back to 2010, we are increasing our support this year as a show of our dedication to self-storage owners and managers across Australia. Ezidebit is proud to take on this position with the SSAA, and look forward to growing with each and every member for years to come.

StorMan are long time members of the SSAA, and offer reliable, accurate and user-friendly storage management software.

Anthony Brown, General Manager at StorMan says:

“StorMan Software are pleased to be a Principal Partner of the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA) and have been providing award-winning management software to self storage facilities since 1992. Having joined the association in 1999, we recognise the importance of association membership and strongly believe in the vast number of benefits that membership can provide a self storage facility. The success of our business has always relied on our relationship with industry leaders such as the SSAA and we are looking forward to this exciting relationship.”


STORCO Storage Systems

Storco Storage Systems was established in 1980 by Peter Layton as Self-Storage Design and Construction Services to provide turnkey development to the self-storage industry, which was then in its infancy.

The formation and growth of the SSAA in the early 1990s was vital for the growth of the industry and our business. The interaction and exchange of ideas between members, and with suppliers such as us, allowed for a rapid advance in the quality and diversity of self-storage facilities coming on stream. The SSAA also became our primary point of contact with all those actively engaged in the industry.

In order to maintain our place at the cutting edge of self-storage development we attend trade shows in this area and also in North America and Europe. Our products are being constantly upgraded to meet the perceptions of a more and more sophisticated public. To ensure consistent quality and availability our industry specific products are manufactured in our new 4000 sq. m. factory.

We value becoming a Principal Partner with the SSAA and see it as the way we can best serve this growing and vibrant industry in the years ahead.


Universal Storage Containers

Members of the SSAA since 2010, USC provides storage container solutions to the self storage industry worldwide.
USC are the proud winners of the ISS award for Best Portable Storage Container for the last 4 years in a row. Their self storage containers are foldable, designed to be assembled in around 20 minutes, and used for traditional self storage or as mobile storage containers.
USC founder and President, Peter Nemiroff had this to say about our Principal Partnership:
“It is an honour to be of service to SSAA members.  We look forward to working with our friends in the SSAA over the next three years.  USC is kicking off our three year Principal Partnership with the SSAA by offering all members in Australia and New Zealand a $1,000 USD discount on their first order in 2015.”

Visy Boxes & More

Having serviced the needs of the Self Storage industry for over 40 years, Visy Boxes & More truly understands what industry owners and operators require to run a successful, safe and secure business. Besides the plethora of products they supply – including all types of boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, plastic covers and furniture pads to name a few – Visy Boxes & More is also at the forefront of providing digital solutions for those businesses who wish to purchase their goods online.

Their custom designed ‘Partner Portal’ ordering systems have been implemented by a number of Self Storage members to make it easy to order products online nationally in a safe and secure manner. And VBAM are in the throes of creating a mobile version with enhancements to make it even easier for our members to access and order.

Visy Boxes & More. A trusted principal partner of the SSAA providing more products, more solutions and more ideas for the Self Storage industry.