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Stairway to Inspiration

Managing director Jonathan Layton explained that he and his staff really enjoy building a team spirit, and wanted to incorporate this spirit into the company’s new factory. “When we built our new factory we wanted a fun environment”. “At STORCO we like to do everything we can to maintain our fun loving and innovative culture, so when it came to creating the staircase from our production facility to the office we had a chat about what we could do to make sure it wasn’t just an ordinary set of stairs.”

A tough job to turn stairs into fun? Not at STORCO. All it takes is a little lateral thinking, it seems. “An idea came up to personalise the stairs with the attributes that are valued and displayed by the team at STORCO — we can’t remember whose idea it was originally!” he said. “We considered ways to include that in the factory without blowing the costs. We sat down as a team and got everyone to throw in ideas, and in the end we pulled together 25 words we wanted to include in the stairs. It was a team effort,” said Jonathan. 

The words the staff chose included innovation, focus, excellence, courage, integrity, motivation, and more so each step encapsulated a characteristic of the company. “Utilising our computer controlled steel fabricating machinery and offcuts from our swing door sheets, our great fabricators created our stairs simply by cutting out the stair treads with the words, and we used bright Colorbond steel as the background colours. “All it took was a little extra cutting, and the materials would have gone to waste anyway. They’ve been a talking point and an inspiration for staff, clients and customers ever since.” The team at STORCO were so pleased with the finished staircase they’ve expanded on the idea and taken the concept to market.

“We have taken the idea to clients,” said Jonathan. “We have a can-do-anything attitude. Clients can have their staircases personalised with corporate colours, names or logos. “We can really customise clients’ properties, and we’re taking this idea to the market now so clients can make their facility unique. We can offer totally customisable doors, stairs and much more.” Sales and marketing coordinator Amy Gorham added, “The staircase motivates everyone every time they use them.”


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