Lifetime Membership Awards

SSAA Lifetime Membership Awards

The Lifetime Membership Award is the SSAA's most prestigious award and is bestowed upon only a handful of members in recognition of their outstanding long-term service to the Association and the self storage industry. Individuals are nominated by a committee of their peers in order to receive this award.


Bob Marsh

A member of the Steering Committee, Bob was responsible for canvassing Melbourne Self Storage Facilities and encouraging them to become members of the not-yet established Self Storage Association in 1990. At the Inaugural Meeting of the SSAA Bob was elected Vice Chairman and Director for Victoria and Tasmania. Membership number 3, Bob ran Arjay Mini Warehouse at the time, in Orchard Road Kilsyth which is now a National site. Bob also contributed as the SSAA’s second ever Chairman, serving from 1991-1993.


Jon Perrins

Since building and opening his first self storage facility in 1991 Jon and his company Steel Storage have referred hundreds of members to the Assocation, many of whom are still members. Jon was one of a small group of orgiginal Service Members of the Assocation and campaigned to get Service Members onto the SSAA board in 1997. Jon himself served on the board for 5 years, was Chairman for an additional 2 years and was influential in a number of key initiatives such as: purchasing the Association office building, securing Asian members, expanding legal support (introducing the managed storage agreement), improving the Convention and Trade Show, and encouraging greater strategic planning within the Association.


Mark Snooks

Mark Snooks was 27 when he built the first self storage centre in Tasmania. He initially became involved with the SSAA so that he could keep up to date with any rules and regulations regarding the industry, and to ensure that his centre was in line with best operating practice. He became a huge supporter of the Association serving on the Board for several years and acting as President in 1998. Mark was invovled in appointing a new Executive Officer, relocating the Association from NSW to VIC, and resturcturing the National Committee to better represent the interests of the membership. 


Liz Davies

Liz developed the first business plan for the Association and many of the fundamental principles that still remain today. She was perhaps the first unoffical membership officer for the Association; driving around the country to recruit new members. Liz has been a long-serving board member, and was instrumental in employing the first ever Exectuive Officer for the Association. The many hours of volunteer work that Liz did in the early years set the groundwork to grow the SSAA into the professsional organisation it is today.


John Eastwood

John was one of the pioneers of the self storage industry in South Australia, opening up a faciltiy after a due diligence trip to the U.S.A. He took his facility from strength to strength using innovative marketing ploys such as opening up a competing brand. John worked with Jim Miller to establish the Self Storage Association and acted as a director from 1992-1995. Using his accounting background he assisted with the financials of the Association for many years.

Mark Bateman

Mark was one of the instigators of adding a NZ chapter to the Australian Association and became the first NZ representative on the board. He served 6 years on the board, and also acted as President from 1997-1998,  making him one of the longest serving members. His storage management business brought him into contact with many new operators in NZ and he was the primary driver for many a new member into the Association, earning a great reputation within the industry both in NZ and Australia. 


Frank Cooney

Frank entered the industry around 1982 under the Stow-Away Self Storage banner and was elected as the Foundation President of the Self Storage Association. In addition to his contribution as the first ever president, Stow-Away Self Storage is also the second member to formally join the SSAA.

Neville Kennard

Neville was a true forerunner of the self storage industry and the Association, operning the first Kennard's Self Storage site in 1973. He was an instrumental founding member and activie board member from 1990-1995, encouraging many of the early operators to join the Association. He handed his business over to his son Sam in 1996 and Kennards continues to be one of the key players in the self storage industry.

Phil Robbie

Phil was a founding member of the SSAA and the third president of the Association from 1993-1994. During his time on the board he established the first magazine for the industry which under his guidance grew from a 4 page newsletter to a 12 page magazine. Given that the Assocation havd very limited secretarial support and no Executive Officer at that time, the development and continual publication of the magazine was a considerable task and achievement.


Jim Miller

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