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Almanac 2012

The SSAA Almanac is the only statistical reference guide for the Self Storage Industry in Australasia. The current release of the Almanac came at a time when growth in the industry had slowed considerably, with more growth from existing operators than new entrants to the industry.  The global economic downturn has affected the self storage industry, but it remains relatively strong. While not necessarily experiencing the major growth evident pre-2009, demand for the product has remained positive and well managed self storage sites continue to perform well.
The data contained in the 2012 Almanac is largely based on pre-July 2012 results.
Almanac contents include:
  • Occupancy Data
  • Space Fee Rates
  • Site Information
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Promotion and Marketing
  • Financial Performance
  • Profitability Expectations and Business Confidence
  • Industry Growth
  • Commentary from Industry Valuers

The 2012 SSAA Almanac is a free member resource. To obtain your copy, please e-mail admin@selfstorage.com.au