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Why Use Self Storage

Self Storage is your room away from home that you can store almost anything that you want in. Whether it be de-cluttering your home, storing business records or products or just re-claiming that spare room there is a self storage unit of the size you need in your local area.

You lock it and keep the key

With self storage you lock the unit and keep the key.  This means you control who has access to your goods.  There is no chance of third parties accessing your unit and potentially damaging your goods or going through your property.  You control your space.

Access whenever you want it

You can access your space as often or as little as you like with no extra fees.  Unlike many other storage options that charge an entry or access fee, with self storage it is your space and you can access it as often as you want at no extra charge.  Most facilities have 7 days a week access and many have extended hours or even 24 hour access for storers.

Flexible storage terms

Whether you need to store for a month a year or who knows how long, self storage is for you. Flexible terms mean you can extend your storage as long as you need, or move out when you need to. You only pay for the time you are using the unit, with most stores offering monthly payment options. What’s more if your storage requirements change you can easily add an extra unit for more space, or downsize to a smaller unit to save some money. Self Storage is totally flexible

Huge range of unit sizes

Self Storage centres have a huge range of unit sizes, from small locker style units to double garage sizes and larger. There is sure to be a size that will meet your needs at your local self storage business. No need to play for space that you are not using.