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Steve Sammartino - TOMCAR

Disruptive Technology - Are You Future Proof?

A mind-spinning journey detailing our changing world as we enter technological age. What we learned at school, university and business college is now severely outdated. Steve outlines the shift which will displace dominant players and give rise to new commercial heroes. Steve illustrates how all the major factors of production are being disrupted forever. Everything is up for grabs, including your job, your industry and the customers you are chasing. Are you brave enough?

Nicki McClintock – ASB Bank

Why Good Leadership is Important for Business?

Ever wondered what makes a leader different to a manager? We will show you research that explores what winning companies are doing to close the gap between their top and bottom performers. We will share a proven and practical technique you can use to enrich leadership conversations with your team. Many leaders tell us they struggle with getting their people to take action, so we look at what people want from leaders, and the steps you can take to understand their personal motivators and drive results.

Mike Burnam - StorageMart

The StorageMart Journey

How do you become the world’s largest privately-owned self storage company? Mike Burnam, CEO of StorageMart, will be sharing their journey from humble beginnings 42 years ago through several changes including going public, starting over from scratch – 3 times – launching a hostile takeover on a publicly traded Canadian acquisition and the challenges of expanding into new countries. StorageMart has perfected the art of scaling growth—Mike will be sharing several of their industry-leading revenue management and operational tactics that have helped grow their business exponentially.

Brian Birley - PACE

Strategic Planning made easy by keeping it simple and focussed

Strategic planning has often been seen as too complex, too difficult, too time consuming and often “not for me”. There is a general lack of understanding of the essential nature of planning. Strategy is about focussed outcomes for the future. Everything else we do is a tactic, something we do towards achieving the desired outcomes. It is essential to understand first clearly “where you are now” and “where you want to be” in the future. This is a living process and not something we do once a year and put away. It must be owned by everyone contributing towards achieving success.

David Blackwell and Tim Creighton - URBIS

Self Storage – The Next Steps as an Asset Class

Allocating your investments among different asset classes is a key strategy to help minimize risk and potentially increase gains. Consider it the opposite of "putting all your eggs in one basket."

Urbis have recently undertaken two research projects – Identification of new self storage projects in major metropolitan locations including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland. This research focuses on new self storage projects, scale of development, geographic spread and key drivers behind the establishment of new facilities. The second project was the establishment of a rating system for self storage facilities which will be used in the valuation process and hopefully by the industry more generally. David Blackwell and Tim Creighton will be seeking input from industry leaders in an interactive session that will no doubt provide a platform for some lively discussion.

Mike Coleman and Richard Cooper - KPMG

Change is happening...what is your plan?

As a business owner you are often reminded to identify and plan for change so you remain relevant in the markets in which you operate – ‘market disruption’ being the current mantra.

But what about identifying, understanding and planning for inevitable change - and the predictable challenges – which come from within?

For a family enterprise this means grappling with: decisions around the future of the family enterprise; the multiple layers of succession (leadership, decision making and ownership); the often divergent views between generations, siblings and family branches; and the varied needs and expectations of individuals. More often than not, a private enterprise with multiple owners experience similar challenging decisions and tensions.

If family and/or ownership issues are not planned for - and managed – they have the potential to have a significantly greater impact on the future success of the enterprise beyond any ‘market disruption’.

Develop your ‘shared plan’ and ‘rules’ in order to be well positioned for success.

Darryl King and Simone Hill – SSAA Legal

How to Avoid Breaching New Consumer Protections laws

Recent changes in New Zealand to Consumer Protection laws brought New Zealand and Australian business responsibilities into closer alignment. The New Zealand Commerce Commission then raised the bar significantly for contracts between businesses and consumers. Understanding the changes and how they impact on your facility, and the allocation of risk and liability is critical. The SSAA amended the SSAA’s standard agreements in response to the changes and Darryl will discuss what you need to know. Darryl will also highlight a number of tips to ensure you and your staff comply with consumer protection legislation.

Jim Stewart- Stewart Media

S.E.O – Storage Equals Opportunity!

Are you doing enough to increase your digital footprint and take advantage of the opportunities available via a strong digital marketing strategy? Over a one-hour session, digital marketing expert Jim Stewart will show you why you need to leverage digital marketing to capture more local business. Attendees will learn proven strategies to increase revenue that can be implemented by yourself or your team. Don’t miss the session that could set your storage business on the road to digital marketing success.

Brian Burley - PACE

HR Evolves into “Human Capital Management”

Your most valuable asset doesn’t appear on your company financial statements other than as liabilities!! We spend less time on our staff than on optimising our other assets. What processes should we use to engage and retain our best staff. How do we avoid taking on board staff members who don’t pull their weight?

Effective staff find and retain profitable customers – underperforming staff can cost you dearly.This session will provide you with simple, effective processes to help you achieve both

Rob Baird – Ezidebit

The “New Normal” How To Use Payment Automation to Improve Capital Value & Cash Flow?

This session will demonstrate how modern payment technologies can be used to improve the capital value, cash flow and the cash position of your self storage facility. Through simple and effective payment automation, your cash flow can increase and costs reduce, enabling resources to be focused on improving revenue by optimising occupancy and retention. Providing storers and your managers with a contemporary payment experience from reservation, move in and renewal makes good business sense.

Tony Christiansen

Your Attitude Determines your Altitude in Life

Many times after working for an organisation for some time, we tend to loose perspective on our work. We forget why we started to work and then loose sight of our goals. The SSAA at the owners summit this year brings you Tony Chritiansen.

Tony tells an unforgettable and inspiring story that will leave you believing that nothing is beyond your abilities. He has achieved more in his life than most people are even willing to try. With no theories, models or frameworks, Tony does not instruct anyone what to do. He speaks from the heart and tells true stories about rising above life's challenges to accomplish amazing goals. Now in constant demand as a keynote speaker to corporations and conferences, Tony will leave you with an insight of what can be achieved with determination, belief and a burning desire to succeed. You will laugh. Some of you may even cry. But you will never forget the day you met Tony Christiansen.

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