Membership Categories

Facility Membership

Facility Membership is for those who currently own or operate a self storage facility (or intend to be operational within the next 12 months). This category includes businesses providing standard, managed, climate controlled, hard-stand/vehicle and mobile storage. Membership is also available to overseas self storage owners and operators.

Service Membership

Service Membership is open to suppliers of goods and services to the Self Storage industry. Benefits include direct access to owners and operators of approximately 1500 self storage facilities across Australia and New Zealand. Exclusive marketing opportunities are provided via advertising in The Insider Magazine, E-Newsletter, Trade Shows and Networking Events.

Provisional Membership

Provisional Members is open to individuals or businesses considering entering the self storage industry. Membership allows access to information and resources vital for the establishment of a new self storage business. Obtain advice and support, and network with professionals and fellow members. Provisional Membership status can be held for a period of 4 years.

Real Estate Membership

Some facility owners engage real estate agents to operate their self storage business. It is crucial that correct documentation is used. Self Storage is very different from house rentals and requires specialised agreements as per industry specific rules. These are provided as part of membership. Protect your investment. Insist your agent is an SSAA member.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to individuals who have been members of the SSAA for a continuous period of 3 or more years and are not currently eligible to be a facility, provisional or a service member. You must not be operating or have an interest in a self storage or industry supplier business.

Mobile Storage Membership

Mobile Membership is offered to businesses providing mobile storage either solely or as part of an established storage facility. Regardless of the number of mobile units, you will fall into the category of Over 50 Units. Storage Agreements available include Mobile and Mobile Onsite/Offsite (for an extra fee).

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