2019 Awards for Excellence

SSAA are proud to launch the 2019 Annual Awards for Excellence. 2019 sees some significant changes to three (3) of the awards categories. Facility of the Year less than 150 units replaces Small Operator of the Year.

Facility of the Year between 150 units and 500 units replaces Regional Operator of the Year. Facility of the Year more than 500 units replaces Facility of the Year.

The rationale behind the change from Small Operator of the Year is twofold. The category Small Operator refers to the member category as per the SSAA Constitution rather than the actual storage facility size e.g. a Small Operator may only own one facility however if it consists of 1000 units, it would not be considered a small operation. Additionally, we listened to feedback from members who told us that the word ‘small’ was seen as a negative.

Regional Facility of the Year had some challenges in identifying the physical boundaries of population centres. Once again, a facility in a regional area could be very large and therefore not truly representative of what would be deemed regional.

The change in categories broadens the opportunities for similar sized operations to compete against each other and likewise for the larger facilities.

There have been improvements to some of the question templates to redefine and streamline some of the questions with a greater concentration on demonstrated, quantifiable performance with some questions directly requesting information on actual performance in occupancy and storage fee rate growth. We are seeking nominations from facilities that can demonstrate good performance. The judging process will also include a phone interview with finalists.

There are eight categories as outlined below. Please note that all entries must be submitted by Friday 31 May 2019, so don’t delay and get your entry in now.