The SSAA is pleased to announce the release of the new Truck and Trailer Hire Agreement - Australia


The agreement marks a significant progression for the SSAA and its members. The new agreement can be used by members as a 'standalone' document. That is, unlike the SSAA's previous truck and trailer hire agreement, the hirer need not be a storer. SSAA members can hire out their truck or trailer to anyone - including but not limited to storers - effectively generating another stream of income.

The Agreement works in conjunction with an adaptable Schedule. Please take the time to review the Schedule and tailor it to your specific needs and circumstances. For example, the Schedule allows you to charge an additional fee for an under 25 driver, or you may elect instead to not offer the vehicle/trailer to under 25-year old’s. This is a matter for your business, usually based on your insurer's recommendation.

It is recommended that with non-compulsory charges (such as a dishonour fee) that you include in your Schedule a definition of the fee and description of when it will apply. For example, a dishonour fee might be applied when a credit card charge is not honoured, or a cheque bounces. It is up to each facility to define when the fee will apply and set the amount. All fees must be reasonable, particularly where they are applied because of a default on the part of the Hirer. For example, a 'reasonable' dishonour fee would cover any costs incurred by the facility because of the rejected payment (such as bank fees or charges) plus an amount for staff time following up on the default. It is important that the fee is not considered punitive or it may be challenged as being unconstitutional.

Members are encouraged to take the time to review these new documents. If, after that time, you have any inquiries please do not hesitate to approach the SSAA for further guidance.

Please log-on to the members only section of the website to download the new agreement.


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