The Growing Importance of Self-Storage for an Online e-commerce Business.


With the growth of Internet use in the world, trade options multiply and open new doors for those interested in managing their own work. Pointed as one of the best options for anyone who wants to start a business independently is e-commerce.

Today, many entrepreneurs opt to work in their own home office, thus avoiding costs with renting a physical space and the expenses that accompany it, such as water and electricity bills, taxes, among others. Also, it is possible to run a small online store without the need to hire employees, which guarantees less expense to the entrepreneur.

But it is important to understand that building a successful e-commerce requires adopting a series of strategies to overcome the adversities that are linked to this type of activity. And for this, the knowledge of the tools involved in the process is fundamental, for example, niches of action, the technology involved in the project, digital marketing strategy and, of course, the logistics of the business.

In this sense, having an e-commerce means excellence in internal logistics management. That is total dominion and control over the processes of allocation, ownership, and organization of the offered goods. Delays in delivery, for example, caused by mismanagement of stock can lead to cancellations and consequent decrease in sales, thus knocking down the store's credibility. To avoid this, having adequate space is fundamental when you want to retain customers and succeed in sales.

When renting a warehouse or a shop space, the entrepreneur is limited to its size (which after some time may not be enough for storage) and also bound to long-term leasing contracts.

That's why the self-storage solution is perfect in these situations.

So, what are the key advantages to using self-storage for an e-commerce business?


The self-storage offers different possibilities of space and dimensions of units, in addition to allowing you to increase or decrease the rented space at any time. The units are flexible and vary according to your need of space.

Bureaucracy Free

Also, through bureaucracy free contracts, it is possible to rent a unit when you want and for as long as you want, and also if you decide you no longer need the storage space, most self-storage providers will allow people to give just one month or even just as little as one week notice.


Other advantages are related to the high-quality structure of the units (well-lit, clean, and with security-monitored cameras scattered throughout all areas of the facilities, recording 24 hours a day as well as access control to the units by key and security code that guarantee total security to the renter). With a self-storage, anyone can have access to a suitable place to reserve their goods safely.

Rather than cutting into profits by taking on a costly and lengthy lease, many e-commerce businesses are embracing Self Storage; a flexible, cost-effective solution which can easily grow as their business expands.


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