Onsite / Offsite Mobile Storage Agreements Now Available!


Mob in Hand

The Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA) is pleased to announce that the new Offsite and Onsite Mobile Storage Agreement is now available for purchase. The Agreement has been drafted to cater for storage whereby the Storer places their own goods within a Mobile Storage Unit, secures the Storage Unit and then elects to either have the Storage Unit placed at the Facility or at their premises. The Storer can elect to have the Storage Unit moved between the Facility and their premises as they choose throughout the life of the Agreement by way of appointment. 

The following points summarise the approach to practice under the Agreement:
The Facility is responsible for the delivery of the Storage Unit 
Although the Storer has control of the Storage Unit whilst the Storage Unit is located at the Storer’s premise, the Facility retains proprietary title to the Storage Unit throughout the Agreement. The Storer is not able to affix the Storage Unit to their property whilst the Storage Unit is physically located at their premise. 
The Facility does not retain the keys to the Storage Unit, hence cannot deny or grant access to the Storage Unit
The Storer bears the onus of proof when suggesting damage or loss was caused by the Facility to goods stored in the Storage Unit
The Facility bears the onus of proof when suggesting damage or loss was caused by the Storer, to the Storage Unit (this must be more than general wear and tear)
The Facility is responsible for the quality and state of the Storage Unit (ie weatherproof, structurally sound, roadworthy where relevant) but not for the goods stored therein and not for any damage caused by the Storer during the lease
Debt recovery by retrieving the Storage Unit and selling goods cannot take place until the Storer is more than 42 days in arrears on storage fees.  

It is important that members understand that the Agreement is not intended to be a substitute agreement for any of the SSAA’s current agreements such as the Standard Self Storage Agreement, the Managed Storage Agreement, or the Mobile Storage Agreement. 
For more information or to arrange the purchase and download of the new agreement please contact the SSAA.


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