How to Access the SSAA Legal Helpline


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As part of your membership with the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA), a Legal Advice Helpline is available. 

To access this service for Australia and New Zealand please send an email to  stating your Facility Name and Member Number and provide a description of your request for service. Please see item No 3 on this resources webpage and the righthand link “Frequently Asked Questions” for the answers to most of the standard legal queries.

In the first instance a review of the query will be made and where possible the member will be directed to the appropriate section of the Manual of Advice and Procedures (MAP). This self-resolution process has proved to be highly successful.  However, where the issue requires more specific advice the member will be contacted directly. If the query is New Zealand specific the query will be redirected to the New Zealand law firm, Jackson Russell for further assistance. 

The reason the helpline assistance is handled via email allows for the accurate recording of all member legal enquiries and helps the SSAA to focus on areas for future training and improvement. It also assists the SSAA to build on the current Question and Answer (Q & A) section found under the Legal Resources section on the SSAA website.

The advice helpline is supported and paid for by the SSAA and is free to you as part of your membership.  In relation to New Zealand members please note that SSAA members themselves are not clients of Jackson Russell and therefore all advice given by them is shared with the SSAA. Any advice given to members will relate specifically to the SSAA’s storage agreements and the Manual of Advice and Procedures.  Advice which strays too far beyond this will be out of scope for the helpline. Enquiries about minor deviations from SSAA “best practice” are generally accepted as being covered by the helpline.

The helpline service is not an unlimited service and is subject to a fair use policy.  The SSAA expects members to search the SSAA’s Manual of Advice and Procedures (MAP) in the first instance before using the helpline.  The SSAA’s MAP addresses many of the issues that members will have with storers.  The SSAA also recommends that members who have repeated questions about the basics of self storage should take advantage of the next SSAA legal training sessions that are conducted throughout Australia and New Zealand.


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