Inside SSAA…The benefits of being involved


What are the benefits of being an SSAA member? Have you forgotten why you joined?

Being a member of SSAA means being part of an industry community. Here are four reasons why you should belong:

Advice, Awareness, Connect, Collaborate


With over 27 years of experience, education and knowledge throughout the self-storage industry, the SSAA today represents in excess of 1,400 storage facilities in Australia and New Zealand. Some of our members have been with us since inception, and others are recent additions to the association. The self-storage industry is thriving, and you can get caught up in your day-to- day operations, so let us remind you why you joined the SSAA.


Membership with the SSAA provides opportunities to connect, network and enhance relationships with innovative and knowledgeable industry businesses.

Subject to your level of membership, you could attend a conference, networking event, training day, open day or exhibition/trade show. Our events are both local and international, allowing you to learn about “best practice”, new ideas, key achievements in the industry, and brainstorm with others who are looking to share, learn and grow.


We are the scaffold for our industry, providing help, guidance and support in day-to- day business operations, assisting with agreements, procedures, legal help and advice, HR help and basic business checklists.


We want our members to excel. Membership can be the key to delivering real business quality improvements through our Awards for Excellence Program, Mystery Shopping service, our governing constitution and code of business ethics.

We strive to ensure members have the skills and resources for success, longevity and growth.

Expand your knowledge base through industry training on legal, sales, HR, research publications, quality speakers at our annual events and special guest speakers at our networking evenings. Don’t forget, SSAA service members are a wealth of knowledge and experience, and have innovative products and services specialised to the industry.

We strive to share with our members the latest industry news, innovations and upcoming events through traditional and online formats. This information comes to you via our Insider magazine, StoreFlash newsletter, website, industry blog, trade directory and social media.

Having a presence within your industry can create the name recognition it takes to have customers and suppliers coming to you. You never know at which convention someone will approach you about a smart strategic alliance or deal.

Over the years the SSAA has expanded the breadth of member benefits. We enjoy engaging with our members, and encourage you to share with us how we can keep delivering value and new initiatives.

As a member, don’t forget to display proudly your membership certificate and logo, reassuring your customers that you deliver to the SSAA standards of highest quality.

“We strive to ensure members have the skills and resources for success, longevity and growth.”


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